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Easy to use, big learning success

Our students are thrilled to use Areeka. It is so easy to use. Due to our amazing cooperation, new lern scenarios have been created.

Stefan Jansky / GEPS 23

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Our partner schools

Here you can see all our amazing partner schools: They are all special! Areeka is happy to welcome every single partner school and is thankful for the amazing cooperation.

Education nowadays has to be oriented towards future professional requirements and adapted accordingly to the digital world in which students live today.

VS Marco Polo Platz

young, innovative, brave, traditional, open-minded and tackling

Dr.-Max-Josef-Metzger Schule

We are an educational institution with special socio-educational needs, Areeka helps us a lot! Our pupils always need visuals, words do not always help!

MSi Sechshaus

Exceptional family atmosphere, with a young, dynamic team of teachers open and able to innovate in technology

iMS Kenyongasse

Today it is not easy to impress students with something so much that they are enthusiastic and fully attentive. Augmented-Reality elements definitively have this “Aha-experience”

KRS Rebdorf

AR creates a WOW effect in the students mind and this effect can be used to arouse the students’ curiosity.

NMSi Feuerbach

AR offers the perfect opportunity for our new focus to get a taste of the world of Augmented Reality. The use of digital media is of enormous importance to us.

NMS Eggenburg

Spatial imaginative power, especially in enigneering jobs, are pretty important and one of the advantages of AR.

Polytechnische Schule Bregenz

We are an innovative and modern schools, which already has iPads for every pupil in a class, so that every child has the opportunity to discover content on their own. AR suits perfectly into that learning concept, we are very interested in implementing new media.

Volksschule Mittertreffling

Pupils get the opportunity to dive into a new three-dimensional world.

Bundesfachschulen Kalvarienberggasse

AR helps the kids to imagine content better. The “Aha”-effect and the excitement helps to save information for a longer time. What we experience ourselves will be remembered easily.

Junior High School Carlbergergasse

Standard from the outside. Exceptional from the inside. Motivated teachers and social workers meet a colourfully mixed bunch of students.

Johann-Julius-Hecker Schule

Digital basic education plays an essential role at our school. It would be negligent not to integrate a technology which can be very enriching for education into everyday teaching.

NMS Radstadt

In the digital sector, we want to implement the latest digital trends with the iPad classes (each student has his own iPad) and the existing smartboards in the classrooms! We are a school which has its focus on language and informatics.

NMS Weiz

The aim of our focus is to make the real environment in its complexity and phenomenology more comprehensible, analyzable and thus rationally accessible to the students by structuring, coordinating and meaningfully linking the curriculum contents from mathematics, physics, geometric drawing, handicraft education, computer science and biology.

NTS4 Mittelschule

We want to use AR, so that the pupils engage with it. Furthermore, complex contents can be presented in a simplified and vivid way. This allows kids to investigate and observe augmented reality models. And fun at work promotes learning success

Mittelschule Deutschlandsberg

It’s not always possible to make an excursion into a museum or explore other places to study- especially during a pandemic. With the usage of AR it feels like an excursion.

KGS Neufelder Straße

It’s not always possible to make an excursion into a museum or explore other places to study- especially during a pandemic. With the usage of AR it feels like an excursion.

OVS Wagramer Straße 224b

We want to allow the kids to dive into topics and that learning will be an adventure. That is possible with Areeka.

VS Oberwart

Small rural middle school in the Innviertel – school for head, heart and hand. School which is permanently moving; iPad School; eEducation Expert School; digi TN MS;

Mittelschule Taiskirchen

A new school in a new district, with a dedicated team that likes to break new ground.

Campus Seestadt

We are a small, family middle school in the middle of Burgenland Further development with and for our students is important to us.

NMS Kobersdorf

We bring children closer to nature, art and cultures of our world, as well as life in our society, according to their age. We also take a close look at technology, especially innovations like AR.

MMS Spallartgasse

Trough the hands-on-mentality while working with AR, it is possible to arouse the motivation of the kids.

Mittelschule Mistelbach

We have interest in working with AR, because we want to make content tagible for the kids. We have 10 tablets at our school (more will come soon) and we want to give the kids insights into media competence. Also we want to prepare them for their working life.

Mittelschule Gundelfingen

Our students get insights into a new technology and material, which has much potential.

KPH Wien/Krems

We hope to have a better vividness with AR in our lessons and want to support the imaginative power of the kids.

MS Völs