Do you have any questions regarding the Areeka App?

What is “Augmented Reality”?

In German Augmented Reality means “erweiterte Realiät”. That means, that the analogue and the digital worlds are connected.

What are the advantages of learning with AR?

Potential barrages like language barrages, will disappear, because the learning content will be explored realistically with 3D models. The interactions and the possibilty to view from all sides, are helpful to process received informations.

How do I use the App?

That is easy!

  1. Download the free App in Google Play-, Appstore or AppGalleryand open it.
  2. In your menu you can choose now an Areeka product, like theABC Flashcards..
  3. Activate your product.
  4. Click in the upper right corner on the eye.
  5. Now you can bring your product to life.

Here is a short video:

What are triggers?

Trigger are pictures, pages or cards, which will be scanned with the Areeka App, so that 3D-models appear. All our triggers are labelled.

Why is there no 3D model?

No worries! We can solve this easily.

  • The room should not be too dark or light. It happens that the App has troubles with recognizing it.
  • Be aware, that the trigger is not dirty or crinkled.
  • Make sure that the internet connection is good enough.
  • Follow the steps toactivate your Areeka products.

If you followed all the steps, and there is still no 3D model appearing, please contact our technical support.

What does the earth symbol mean?

You will like this feature. With this feature you can place your 3D model anywhere you like. But before that, the room needs to be scanned. Make sure that the light fits.

Do you have any questions?

Contact the Areeka Team. We care about you and your concern.