Do you have any questions regarding our business conditions?

Why do I need to accept the AGBs?

The AGB’s adjust the conditions for purchase and selling, and they are common in llegal dealings. They give the customer safety to obtain a basic legal position.

How can I avail my cancellation right?

You can avail your cancellation right under certain circumstances. We have a form for you, that helps you during this process. Please return this to us per E-Mail or mail.

What happens to my data that I was typing in the Areeka Shop?

We have strict regulations to handle with data safely. It is important for us, that we use data only the way the privacy policyallows us to.

How can I delete my personal data?

We can delete your data if you ask us to. Please contact us here and we take care of it.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us and we will take care of your concern.