Do you have questions regarding payments?

Can I make an order per invoice for my instituition?

It is possible to pay per invoice. Send us here the following information:

Can I make an orderper e-invoice?

It is also possible to pay per e-invoice. Send us here the following information:

Which paying methods are available?

You can pay per PayPal, Creditcard, Mastercard, Sofort transfer oder EPS transfer wählen.

I made my order per Sofort transfer. Why is my order still “in process”?

If you pay per SOFORT transfer, the payment service provider has to wait the 14 day cancellation period, before he can confirm the in-payment. Therefore it can take a little longer until your order is not in process anymore.

The amount invoiced was deducted twice from my account. How can I get my money back?

First, we are sorry, that that happened. Please contact us here immediatly. We return your money as soon as possible.

Note: the Areeka Support never asks for accounts-/creditcardinformation.

How can I refresh my paying methods?

You can update your paying methods here.

Do you have any questions?

Contact the Areeka Team. We care about you and your concern.